Ballet & Salsa classes

“It was my greatest luck to meet Jelena as a ballet teacher!

I’ve got more than I could ever imagine – priceless combination of friendly environment and unique coaching approach full of professionalism, challenge, attention to the students’ performance and details of the movements, inspiration and support.
During Jelena’s classes I enjoy everything: variety of workouts and specific exercises for posture and flexibility amplified by effective utilization of time. Well-organized and creative classes are a real gift for the ballet enthusiast like me! It could not be but mentioned the amazing music she selects for classes – it complements the overall harmony and helps you to be concentrated and relaxed at the same time whilst exercising.
Even after first several weeks, I felt changes in my stance and the physiques. I have not trained before for a long time so it was unexpected to progress so fast.
Jelena is absolutely marvellous teacher and I could not wait every next class. I definitely recommend Jelena everyone from the very beginner up to advanced level. You would love her dedication, style and solid dancing fundamentals!”

“I discovered Jelena as an outstanding and bright salsa teacher after I’ve joined her weekly Salsa classes for ladies. I’ve never tried this style before and was uncertain how it goes… I was so impressed as I feel myself rejuvenated and inspired after our evening classes. You can’t resist Salsa, especially when you follow such a passionate, shining and inspirational dancer as Jelena. She easily handles with students of different background, experience and motivation engaging them by the smart and friendly atmosphere. I admire her ability to consider everyone’s approach to learning, her wonderful skills of explaining dance movements with the association with the feelings and real acting, which helps to learn the movements quickly, her support and kind but professional prompts.
She is a magnificent salsa instructor – adoring, cheerful, creative and energetic! I would highly advise her class for everyone striving for Latin music, energetic moves and great mood!

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once” – I think this F. Nietzsche’s quote is about Jelena”

Alla Mankovskaya, about ballet & salsa classes

“I never considered myself a dancer yet with Jelena’s encouragement I found I was – she is an elegant, vivacious, enthusiastic dance teacher who will help you develop a style that is right for you. Having a lot of fun and confidence building is all part of the wonderful process that will soon have you twirling with joy.”

Sophia Virji

“I believe Jelena has found her true vocation as both a dancer and teacher; she is indeed a true inspiration. Jelena’s motivation and encouragement is infectious and every class is full of all our smiles.”

Sarah Thornton

“Jelena is an inspirational teacher, whose passion for dance is infectious. Her classes are inclusive and whether you’ve had some dance experience before or are a complete novice, you will have fun, get fit and find yourself transforming into a dancer, despite yourself. I haven’t felt as fit and elegant for years!”

Ann Forshaw

“Jelena is a great technical teacher, lots of accurate advice about style and balance and poise. The class is challenging at times but also fun. Jelena is very motivating and supportive. She really loves dance and it shows!”

Janet Johnsen

“Jelena’s enthusiasm for dance and her infectious sense of fun is both confidence-boosting and energising. Much more than just a dance class!”


“I have known Jelena for couple of years for her professional career as a dancer and choreographer. That is why I had no question who can help me out with my wedding dance remotely over video classes! She is in London and I m in San Francisco! Elena created my dream dance with lifts and turns and waltz that we were able to replicate with my (now) husband under her supervision. Our guests asked us to do the dance several times. Thank you so much for making a dream come true!”

Ljubov Ovtsinnikova

”Jelena is an excellent instructor. As a singer myself, she has put into perspective the concept of “core” and breathing, and has helped me match it with my own knowledge. Her ballet lessons have also helped me secure the notions of stretching, relaxing and posture, which many times are taken for granted, and yet are the basis of all bodily arts. I have attended her Latin Fit Workout classes several times and, of course, it doesn’t disappoint. If you wanna break a sweat and shake those hips to Latin music, this is the place you wanna be!”

Graciela Rodriguez Perez

“I happened to work with Jelena on several different occasions so I got to experience her being a fantastic dancer and a performer while we were collaborating and performing at Artch Festival in London as OvDa, a dance producer and a dance teacher at the OvDa Tiny steps children and family dance event and a workshop and as a choreographer at the Samba event we both worked on with Yes Brazil. Every time she has proven to be very creative, positive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. She delivers the material with ease and creates imaginative associations so it’s exciting to learn it without any stress. I have to add that she often gives much more then you ask of her as every great teacher and  performer does. I am looking forward to working with her more in the future. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JELENA, YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!”

Svetlana OvDa