Movement through dance is my way of living, thinking and breathing. As the natural circle of life has its own periodic alteration, my interest in different dance styles and movement disciplines develop and evolve. My dance signature and way of teaching has been formed by my curiosity in experiencing new dance styles. Performative dance art and dance fitness are as close to me as social dance, where each discipline benefits each other and brings a greater understanding of body awareness.

My professional dance career started in my 20th year, when through both teaching children and studying choreography in Tallinn University, I followed the idea of giving my pupils as much as possible, in order to make their dance career easier and broader than mine. This intention sped up my own physical progression and self-realisation through dance and choreography.

Lately, my curiosity has led me towards somatic practices, acro-yoga and marshal arts disciplines, where my current stop is Tai ji. I love travelling and meeting new cultures through dance and my latest meet-ups were with Hula dance on The Big lsland, Hawaii, Ceilidhs dance in Edinburgh and Japanese traditional dance in Japan.

Also, my encounter with film editing opened a new window for combining my passions, hobbies and work and brought me inspiration for new creations.



MA Creative Practice, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, UK (2013-2015)

BA in Choreography (dancer & choreographer), Tallinn University, Estonia (2001-2004)
BA in International Economic Relationship, EABC, Estonia, (1997-2001)


Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance – external course fund (aerial skill), 2015


University-level training in:

› Modern / contemporary dance (3.5 years)
› Classical ballet (3.5 years)
› Classical character dance (3.5 years)
› Flamenco dance (1 year)
› Indian and Oriental dance (1 year)
› Jazz dance (3 years)
› Tap dance (1 year)
› Estonian folk dances (3.5 years)
› Improvisation / contact improvisation (2 years)
› Dance composition (3.5 years)
› Solo singing (1 year)
› Acting proficiency (1 year)



2016 Dance Teacher, Inspire Ballet & Dance, London, UK
2014… Dance Instructor, Barreworks, London, UK
2014… Dance Teacher and Gymnastic Coach, Sports Active Coaching, London, UK
2014… Dance Teacher, High Five, London, UK
2014-15 Dance Teacher, Kickstep, London, UK
2014-15 Dance Instructor, The Movement Factory, London, UK
• Latin Fit Workout (Zumba) for adults, Street Dance for kids, Chair based exercise for old people
2013-14 Dance Teacher, Wise Moves Ltd, UK
• Dance workshops for children
2013-15 Dance teacher, Essex Pamper Party, UK
• Dance instructor
2013… Founder, Choreographer, Dance teacher, Dance Instructor, Dance Spirit, London, UK
• Private tutoring, Private dance classes for children and adults, Dance shows and Events
2013-16 Dance Teacher, Kew Studio, London, UK
• Teaching salsa and Latin Fit Workout to adult
2013… Wedding Dance Teacher/ Choreographer, London, UK and Tallinn, Estonia
2000-12 Dance Teacher, TKNM, Tallinn, Estonia
• Versatile dance teacher for children 5-19
• Teaching and choreographing
• Music editing
• Concerts and dance event organization
• Summer dance camp for children age 8-14
2004-12 Dance Teacher, Youth Theatre „Junost“, Tallinn, Estonia
• Children and adults ages 14-30+
• Teaching and choreographing



2016… Dancer/ CollaboratorLife Beyound the Pirouette, Concept Jessica Angel (work in progress), London, UK
2015 Dancer/Choreographer /Film /Editing/ Concept, “The Cloudland”, MA project, Bonny Bird Theatre, Trinity Laban, London, UK
2014… Dancer, Zoe London (TV, SHOWS), London, UK
2014 Dancer/Co-choreographer, Topia (dance movie), Concept and cinematography Lily Glasser, London, UK
2014 Choreographer, A ja zamuz hochu, T. Ribera, Tallinn, Estonia
2013… Dancer/Choreographer, Dance Spirit UK, London, UK
2013-16 Dancer/Choreographer, Yes Brazil, London, UK
2013 Dancer, Adhantari (Bollywood movie), London, UK
2013 Dancer, Ovsyannikova Dance Company, London, UK
2013 Dancer, Sleeping Beauty (Musical Production) Formont, London, UK
2013 Dancer, Studies in Dance and Motion, Paul Weaver Photography, London, UK
2006-… Dancer / Choreographer / Member of the Board, Dance Spirit Agency, Tallinn, Estonia
2004-12 Choreographer, Junost Youth theatre, Tallinn, Estonia
2009-11 Dancer, Tallink Cruises (Showmakers agency), Riga/Stockholm; Turku/Stockholm; Tallinn/Stockholm
2010 Choreographer, High School Musical , Nuku Theater, Tallinn, Estonia
2008 & 2006-07 Dancer / Choreographer, Tallink Cruises, Dance Spirit agency programme (via Showmakers agency) Riga/Stockholm
2006-07 Dancer / Actor, Drugoi teater performance “5/25”, Tallinn, Estonia
2005-06 Dancer, Fame (Musical Production), Tallinn, Estonia
2003-04 Dancer, Grease (Musical Production), Tallinn, Estonia
2001 Dancer, Galaxy Dance Agency, Cruise Ships, Tallinn, Estonia



› Contemporary dance classes, somatic practices – Independent Dance, London, UK
› Ballroom and Latin – Flow Dance, London, UK
› Tai Chi classes – Wu shi Taiji, London, UK
› Capoeira classes – Dance Attic, London, UK
› Samba Dance Classes – Paraiso Samba School, London UK
› Argentine Tango Classes – Negracha Dance Club, London UK
› Argentine Tango Classes – Tango Garden, London UK
› Dance Technique Classes (Release, Graham, Cunningham) – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London, UK
› Exploring Moving Direction – CPD session at Dance Teachers’ Convention at MOVE IT 2013, London, UK
› Professional classes – The Place, London
› Jazz classes – Danceworks, London
› Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet, Commercial dance, Yoga classes – Pineapple Dance Studios, London
› Trinity Laban Summer School (2012) – Contemporary Advanced (Release), Contemporary Advanced (Limon), Yoga General Level / Pilates General Level
› Alvin Ailey II, workshop led by Troy Powell – Tallinn (30.05.12)
› Kristian Tisgaard workshop – Tallinn (19-23.03.12)
› Fornier Ortiz workshop – Tallinn (22-26.03.11)
› Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Yoga, Singing classes – Broadway Dance Center, New York
› Jazz Dance Masterclass for adults – Viljandi Culture Academy, University of Tartu
› Study of Ballet for Beginners – Estonia Ballet School (29.03.10)
› Salsa and Latino (2 years)
› Show/cabaret/jazz dance (10 years)
› International style Ballroom and Latin (7 years)



› Singing course at WAF Singing School (1 year)
› Singing course at Youth KNM Studio (1 year)
› Music course, piano (5 years)
› Costume design and making (8 years)
› Makeup and hair (10 years)